Art Process As a Non-Trivial Machine

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC51 Sociocybernetics (host committee)

Language: English and Spanish

Within artistic and non-artistic circles, artists and non-artist talk about talent, inspiration or intuition as the mechanisms that creators have to their dispossal to construct an expressive object. None of these concepts have proven efficient in explaning how a poem, a painting, an sculpture, an interactive documentary, a music piece or a play teather have been built. Even more, knowledge and epistemology within the artistic processes have been vanished from the aesthetic and philosophical discussions.

            Such situation has changed since doctorate programs in arts have appeared in universities around the world. Nevertheless, there is a deep need to find better ways to explain: how is that an artist constructs knowlegde within her/his practice?, what is that knowledge about? And how can we talk about it? With what kind of language?

            Therefore, this session looks up for writing proposals dealing with the following questions: is it possible to think of the construction of artistic objects as a psico-socio-cultural system? It is to say, as a non-trivial machine, from the sociocybernetics stand point of view? We are interested on how to identify cognitive processes and mechanisms put into play by artists and through what common language artists and non-artists could engaged into an interdisciplinary discussion about artsistic epistemology.

Session Organizer:
Jose Antonio AMOZURRUTIA, UNAM, Mexico
Oral Presentations
Dror on Actors and the Capacity to Govern
Karl-Heinz SIMON, University of Kassel, Germany
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