Cause and Effect Analysis of Virtual International Challenge of “Blue Whale”

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 18:18
Oral Presentation
Bahareh NEMATI ROSHAN, Azad University of Tehran, Iran
Amineh ABTAHI, University of Tehran, Iran
Aida NAVABI, University of Tehran, Iran
“Blue whale” is the name of a network based challenge appears as a virtual game in 50 stages for 50 days leads to asking players to commit suicide at the final phase which has had pervasive crucial consequences through the entire world. Analyzing Content of the stages of the phenomena, we decided to demonstrate the causes of addicting people especially teenagers to this game which can be led consciously to their death. Applying Delphi method to consider all dimensions of the “blue Whale”, we invited international experts on the fields of economy, sociology, psychology, medical, religion and also IT engineering to respond our questionnaire about the aspects of the game in 2 categories: which aspect of the phenomena attract users with emphasis of girl teenagers to the game, and also in future how we can prevent the similar sophisticated difficulties.

In a nutshell, we tried to find the process of trapping teenagers in the circle of this challenge through sending open-ended questions to 30 experts in aforementioned areas consist of 5 experts in each of 6 contexts. For futurology of phenomena we asked them at the first phase to analyze the phenomena and elaborate their views on the reasons and effects of pervading the game. An outline of responses was sent to the experts in the second phase asking them to clarify their points of view for a true concluding. Eventually, our general finding was the issue of drought of special ties with the society mentally and objective in the modern era which can be filled through new ties on the virtual world. Such ties can be defined as some special subjective and real capitals one may found they have through their connections to the both virtual and real world.