Modernity on the Move – Theorising Tourism Power Relations in a Context of Modernity

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 15:43
Oral Presentation
Jens Kr. Steen JACOBSEN, Institute of Transport Economics, Norwegian Centre for Transport Research, Norway, University of Stavanger, Norway
Antonio Miguel NOGUES PEDREGAL, University Miguel Hernandez, Spain
Modernity has traditionally been described both as a gradually-reinforced adherence of rationality and as a monster while Anthony Giddens has suggested to substitute these images with that of the juggernaut, a powerful runaway engine that humans can to some extent control but which also threatens to rush out of human control. This presentation will discuss some power-related aspects that come with the advances of tourism as industry and human activities in places where leisure travellers arrive, including conflicts between locals and visitors, locals and locals, and area governance issues.