Challenges of Pursuing Traditional Technology Based Occupations in Contemporary India – a Case Study of Chhipa Community of Balotra, Rajasthan, India

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 10:45
Oral Presentation
Duru ARUN KUMAR, Netaji Subhas Institute of Techology, India
Block Printing on textiles has been a traditional occupation practiced by the Chhipa community of Rajasthan, India, since many centuries. It involves multi-generational households in various processes of block-printing and is an important criteria of their social and professional identity. However the number of families pursuing this occupation in this region has drastically declined due to various reasons. Some have adopted other means of earning livelihood. But most members of this community are facing economic hardships and social exclusion. The present study focuses on the conventional technology methods followed by the people in this occupation. It analyses the sustainability of these practices in the present conditions, and the challenges posed by the new 'modern' methods available in the market in the pursuit of this occupation. The present study is an ethnographic approach and is based on primary data collection comprising of interviews, formal and informal interactions, census reports and site visits.