Diary of Military Life

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:30
Oral Presentation
Joel NILSSON, Swedish defence university, Sweden
Johan OSTERBERG, Swedish Defense University, Sweden

Individuals who undergo military education are trained in developing leadership skills, to work together in a group with others and, in a longer perspective, commit to a societal purpose larger than themselves. At the same time, they are confronted not only with organizational and hierarchical challenges, but also stressful conditions, which imposes high demands on performance, motivation and handling with emotions. The aim of this study is to explore motivation, leadership and group cohesion by applying sociological, social psychological and gender perspectives. The study aspires to get a clearer insight into the social life world of military recruits. Based on a case study approach, this inductive study takes advantage of the possibility of being able to make thorough observations over time, by using a diary approach design. The sample consists of six recruits, three male, and three female, as they are undergoing their nine-month basic military education in the Swedish Armed Forces. Against the background of our theoretical frameworks, we will search for patterns regarding for instance; emotions, organizational culture, norms and values, gender roles and effects of socialization. We anticipate this study to be a starting point for a longitudinal case study spanning over a three to five-year period of time. The findings aims at giving a deeper understanding of which factors that subsequently affects the individual in their future military career choices. Furthermore, the study aims at bringing additional value of what elements that influence turnover intentions.