Attrition during Basic Military Training in the Swedish Armed Forces

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:45
Oral Presentation
Emma JONSSON, Swedish Defence University, Sweden
Vera BJELANOVIC, Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency, Sweden
Johan LANTZ, Swedish Armed Forces, Human Resources Center, Sweden
Rose-Marie LINDGREN, Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency, Sweden
Anne LINDQVIST, Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden
Britta TÖRNER, Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency, Sweden
Attrition from basic military training is a serious and costly problem for Armed Forces. When the Swedish Armed Forces transformed from a conscript-based force to an all-volunteer force in 2010 the knowledge about reasons for attrition decreased, due to changed procedures. Today a recruit can leave basic military training within 24 hours and without further explanations. The project “Systematic follow-up of the psychological selection”, aims at developing the admission tests, the basic military training and the work environment at the military units in order to reduce attrition. The project is a collaboration between the Swedish Armed Forces including the Internal Occupational Health Care Center and Human Resources, the Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency and the Swedish Defence University.

Data is collected from the admission tests, questionnaires (first week/baseline, and last week of training) and interviews with recruits who drop out. The project aims to predict attrition caused by other factors than injuries and to predict further engagement/employment in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Partly due to difficulties to employ sufficient numbers to the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Government have decided to reestablish the conscription in 2018. The conscription will be gender neutral and work as a complement to the volunteer recruitment. We believe that the methods of this project and the knowledge gained are as reliable for a conscript-based training as for a volunteer training.