Life Skills Workshop from a Gender Perspective

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Claudia RAMOS-SANTANA, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
Isela QUIRARTE, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
H├ęctor BRAVO-ANDRADE, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
Gender-based violence against women is a growing phenomenon in Mexico. Ameca is within the eight municipalieites in Jalisco that has been classified under the "gender alert" state. This classification is a demand to erradicate gender-based violence by both society and government. An interdisciplinary team of academic researchers and students from the University of Guadalajara, works this complex phenomenon from two spheres: a participatory diagnosis with a gender perspective; and the planning of participatory action research activities, among which stand out: a workshop based on the concept of the UN "skills for life", which has shown to be an alternative to strengthen the integral development of people. This work evaluates the effectiveness of the workshop from a gender perspective; two measurements will be carried out: one before the workshop and another after the workshop. An instrument will be used to measure life skills, as well as an instrument to assess gender-based violence. Among the results we expect to find is a statistically significant differences between pretest and posttest. Situation that would pay to transform the life of the community.