Youth in the Labour Market: Navigating Gender and Race Stratification

Friday, 20 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)

Language: English

We would like to invite activists, educators and researchers to participate in an organized panel titled “Youth in the Labour Market: Navigating Gender and Race Stratification.” The panel will examine research on, with and by young people and their experiences in the labour market across different sectors and work environments in the global north and south. Although there has been widespread recognition that youth face unprecedented levels of unemployment in many countries, there has also been a dramatic increase in youth who are working or are underemployed in low-wage, precarious jobs. The sectors in which these jobs predominate (service, retail, construction, small business) are also characterized by high levels of gender and race stratification. This panel will explore the experiences of young people in the labour market across a variety of international and global contexts. Issues to be addressed will include: How does young peoples’ recruitment into particular jobs support or challenge race and gender stratification?; how do young workers recognize and navigate gendered and racialized norms in their workplaces?; in what ways are youth perceptions about work affected by their early experiences of stratified workforces?; how are youth prepared for stratified labour markets through their training and educational experiences?; how do gendered and racialized norms within national contexts impact young peoples’ experiences of work?
Session Organizers:
Kiran MIRCHANDANI, University of Toronto, Canada and Tracey SKELTON, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Oral Presentations
Distributed Papers
Youth Unemployment, Labour Precariousness & Gender: A Statistical Analysis of the Deterioration of the Spanish Youth Labour Market Since 1985.
Miquel UBEDA, University of Lleida, Spain; Tanja Conni STRECKER, University of Lleida, Spain; M. Àngels CABASÉS PIQUÈ, University of Lleida, Spain; Malena SABATÉ LANDMAN, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Youth Employment in Nigeria and the Impregnable but Artificial Walls: The Urgency of a New and Inclusive Country
David IMHONOPI, Covenant University, Nigeria; Ugochukwu URIM, Department of Business Management, Covenant University, Nigeria; Friday IGBADUMHE, Department of Business Management, Covenant University, Nigeria
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