Labor Force Markets and Migration Policies: Open Markets but Controlled Migration?

Friday, 20 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC31 Sociology of Migration (host committee)

Language: English

In our contemporary world, most regions have open markets for goods but not for people. While goods can flow almost freely to many corners of this world, people cannot, although there have been exceptions. The Schengen region in Europe is to some extent one of them.

 In other cases like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between The United States, Mexico and Canada, it was made clear from the very beginning that many goods could flow freely while people could not, however Mexican migrants went for millions to the United States after 1994 when the agreement was signed, and at least half of them are still undocumented.

Free markets and free movement of people? or free markets but controlled migration?

What are the limitations, conditions, circumstances or events that are at the root of these policy decisions?; what are some consequences in each case?

One purpose in this session is to discuss at the light of country-specific examples some of the problems involved as well as the socioeconomic contexts that promote or impulse different policy decisions.

Session Organizer:
Gustavo VERDUZCO, EL Colegio de México, Mexico
Gustavo VERDUZCO, EL Colegio de México, Mexico
Oral Presentations
Shortages of Qualifications in Germany Despite Increased Migration– What Is Good for One, Is Harm for the Other
Robert HELMRICH, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Germany; Michael TIEMANN, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Germany
Armenian Migrants in Russian Labor Market
Gevorg POGHOSYAN, Armenian Sociological Association, Armenia
The Invisible Shift. Outsourcing, Private Actors, and the Markets of Migration Control. Insights from Spain.
Ana LOPEZ-SALA, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain; Dirk GODENAU, Department of Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods. University of La Laguna (Tenerife), Spain
Refugees@Work: Re-Composition of the Workforce and Re-Regulation of Border Regimes in Germany
Peter BIRKE, Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Goettingen an der Georg August Universitaet, Germany
Exploring the Role of Legal Status on the Labor Market Outcomes of Childhood Arrivals in Los Angeles
Ashley MUCHOW, Pardee RAND Graduate School, USA; Robert BOZICK, RAND Corporation, USA
Distributed Papers
Effects of Migration on Poverty, Inequality, and Human Capital Formation in Albania
Entela KALESHI, Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania, Albania