Emotions and Bodies in Educational Settings: A Sociological Perspective.

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC04 Sociology of Education (host committee)
TG08 Society and Emotions

Language: English and Spanish

Schools have shaped ‘human’ bodies and disciplined their emotions in distinct national contexts and among diverse populations, thus representing a modern device that provides capitalist societies with productive and educated men and women. The widespread growth of universal education systems pushes sociology scholars to incorporate new dimensions for analysing inequality, inclusion/exclusion, discrimination, stigmatization, and standardization processes in educational institutions. In recent years the sociology of bodies and emotions has produced important contributions for understanding individual experiences and their role in producing and reproducing social inequalities. The Sociology of Education has typically been structured around the analysis of socio-educational inequality, however there is a need for an in-depth, systematic reflection on the influence that emotional and corporal dimensions have on individual’s experiences and educational paths. 

This session seeks to continue the previous one held in the Third ISA Forum in Vienna, 2016, where many senior and junior sociologists met to discuss empirical, theoretical and methodological advances on the research of bodies and emotions in educational settings. This session’s objective is to analyse the complex dynamics of body construction and emotion creation in educational environments, and the relationship with inequality (re)production. It also looks to explore individuals’ emotional understanding of school bonds, their feeling management, their learning of correct and incorrect forms of expression, and the school’s influence in the process whereby social differences become anchored in their bodies. The ultimate goal for this session is to consolidate an international research network in the study of emotions and bodies in educational spaces.

Session Organizers:
Mariana NOBILE, FLACSO Argentina / FaHCE - UNLP, Argentina and Sebastian FUENTES, UNTREF/FLACSO/CONICET, Argentina
Oral Presentations
Men Students and Negative Emotions in Prestigious Degree Programmes
Carolyn JACKSON, Lancaster University, United Kingdom; Anne-Sofie NYSTROM, Uppsala University, Sweden; Minna SALMINEN-KARLSSON, Uppsala University, Sweden
Cuidados, Cuerpos y Emociones: Los Hombres En Educación Infantil Reconfiguran Las Relaciones De Género
Maria Teresa MARTIN PALOMO, University of Granada, Spain; Jens KRABEL, Coordination office "Men in Early Childhood and Care" c/o Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Germany
School, Sweat and Tears: The Reconfiguration of Emotional Order and Mobilizations for Justice in School.
Guilherme DE ALCANTARA, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gendered Competition Among Chinese Adolescents: From a Competitive Education System and Harmonious Culture
Erzhen HU, Shanghai University, China; Yingchun JI, Shanghai University, China
Distributed Papers
“the Less Smelly Bathroom”: The Scape of Children from Symbolic Violence in the Classroom
Ivan FERREIRA, University of Brasilia, Brazil; Ingrid Dittrich WIGGERS, University of Brasilia, Brazil