Sociological Perspectives on Climate Change: Emprical Research

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC24 Environment and Society (host committee)

Language: English

Climate change is the most serious and all-encompassing ecological problem facing our world today, and its complex roots in socio-politico-economic systems and wide-ranging societal impacts make it a particularly rich topic for sociology.  Over the past quarter century sociologists have focused increasing attention on climate change.  Several volumes and hundreds of articles and chapters providing sociological analyses of various aspects of climate change, from highly theoretical to heavily empirical, have been published, and such work is accelerating as the threat of climate change becomes ever more apparent.

This session will focus on empirically based sociological analyses of climate change, and papers reporting the results of empirical research on all facets of climate change--from driving forces, impacts, adaptation and mitigation to climate change politics and activism--are welcome.  While results from international, cross-national or comparative research are especially welcome, papers reporting the results of theoretically informed and rigorous empirical research on any aspect of climate change will be considered.

Session Organizers:
Riley DUNLAP, Oklahoma State University, USA and Luisa SCHMIDT, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Oral Presentations
Policy and Industry Elite Perceptions of Risk and Uncertainty in Climate Policy: A Cross-National Study
Catherine Mei Ling WONG, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Stewart LOCKIE, James Cook University, Australia
Up with Ecology, Down with Economy? the Institutionalization of the Idea of Climate Change Mitigation in the Global Public Sphere
Tuomas YLA-ANTTILA, University of Helsinki, Finland; Juho VESA, University of Helsinki, Finland; Veikko ERANTI, University of Tampere, Finland; Anna KUKKONEN, University of Helsinki, Finland; Markku LONKILA, Univeristy of Jyväskylä, Finland; Eeva LUHTAKALLIO, University of Tampere, Finland
Politics or Nature? Factors Explaining Climate Change Risk Perception in Europe Using a Multilevel Analysis
Aiste BALZEKIENE, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania; Jose ECHAVARREN, University Pablo Olavide, Spain; Audrone TELESIENE, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Driving Forces of Social Institutions on Climate Change Policy Support in Iran
Sadegh SALEHI, University of Mazandaran, Iran; Naser FATTAHI, Azad University,Noor, Iran; Fereydoun KHOSHFAR, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran; Yaser ESLAMI, Islamic Azad University, Iran; Razieh Giti KHAZAIE, University of Tehran, Iran
Anthropocene: Focus on Human Dimensions of Climate Change (Brazil, China and Mozambique)
Leila FERREIRA, Campinas State University, Brazil; Fabiana BARBI, UNICAMP, Brazil; Izidro MUHALE, Campinas State University, Brazil