Kondratieff Waves and the World-System Development

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 14:30-16:20
RC02 Economy and Society (host committee)

Language: English

This session calls for papers that address issues related to the scientific study of the World-System processes, Kondratieff Waves (K-waves), and especially K-wave manifestations in the World-System processes. Cycles of various lengths (from a few years to a few hundred) are found not only in economic but social life. Large-scale wave-like perturbations of the global socioeconomic realm with a characteristic length of about half a century appear to be among the most important among different cycles. These periodic fluctuations were named ‘Kondratieff waves’ after the famous Russian scientist Nikolay Kondratieff. Many researchers find such cycles in social and political life from ancient times. Kondratieff waves constitute a sort of mystery that has been haunting economic and social researchers for almost a century. Why in certain periods do we observe prolonged upswings, whereas in other periods – notwithstanding all the enormous efforts of interested macroeconomic actors – socioeconomic development is accompanied by prolonged depressions? What gets out of order in social and economic mechanisms? The analysis of K-waves allows to understand the long-term dynamics of the World-System development, as well as to propose future scenarios of global development. K-waves are considered as one of the most important components of the World System dynamics. In its turn the World System processes turn out to be very important for the understanding of the K-wave dynamics. The session is open to various theoretical frameworks, perspectives and methodologies. Format: Paper presentation session.
Session Organizers:
Leonid GRININ, National Recearch University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation and Andrey KOROTAYEV, russian academy of sciences, Russia
Oral Presentations
The Leading Technologies of the Sixth Technological Mode
Anton GRININ, Volgograd Social Research Center, Russia
Spirals of Sociocultural Evolution within Polities and in Interpolity Systems
Christopher CHASE-DUNN, University of California-Riverside, USA; Hiroko INOUE, University of California, Riverside, USA
Kondratieff Waves and Deflationary Trend in the Modern Global Economy
Leonid GRININ, National Recearch University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation; Andrey KOROTAYEV, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
Mapping Wealth over the Longue Durée: Kondratieff Cycles and Creative Destruction in the Long Twentieth-Century.
Roberto P KORZENIEWICZ, Department of Sociology, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland, USA; Corey PAYNE, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Sources and Causes of the Kondratieff Wave
Robert REUSCHLEIN, Real Economy Institute, USA
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