Humanitarian Complicities: Uncovering Intersections with Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and Islamophobia

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC05 Racism, Nationalism, Indigeneity and Ethnicity (host committee)

Language: English

Humanitarianism has been at the heart of colonial rule. As critical humanitarian studies scholar Craig Calhoun (2008) writes, "France’s mission civilisatrice was understood as humanitarian, bringing civilization to those suffering from the lack of being French or even European. Colonialism was often understood (with no cynicism) as humanitarian” (pp. 77–78). 

This session engages humanitarian intervention, discourse, and feeling as governance. Together, the papers uncover axes of power that often animate humanitarian discourses and practices: settler colonialism, white supremacy, and Islamophobia. We aim to unsettle humanitarianism's troubling conditions of possibility in order to rupture powerful state discourses of benevolence and innocence.

This session invites an interdisciplinary and intersectional dialogue that spans histories and geographies.

Session Organizers:
Leila ANGOD, Bielefeld University, Germany and Laura LANDERTINGER, University of Victoria, Canada
Oral Presentations
Identification with the Radical Right in Times of Increasing Social Inequality - Evidence from Germany
Florian HERTEL, University Hamburg, Germany; Frederike ESCHE, Universität Hamburg, Germany
The Terror of Voice(lessness): Hate Speech, Silencing and the Culture of Fear Experienced By British Muslims
Madeline-Sophie ABBAS, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Perceived Threat As a Risk Factor for Social Rejection of Muslims in Southern Spain: The Case of the Municipality of El Ejido.
Sergio MOLDES-ANAYA, Universidad de Granada, Instituto de la Paz y los Conflictos (IPAZ), Spain; José Luis ROMERO-BÉJAR, Universidad de Granada, Spain; Francisco JIMENEZ BAUTISTA, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Discours Islamophobes: Regards Croisés Entre La France Et l’Espagne
Victor ALBERT BLANCO, Université Paris 8, France