Indicators of Social Inequalities: Comparative Analysis Among Countries. Part I

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC55 Social Indicators (host committee)

Language: English and Spanish

One of the challenges of social research when we construct objects of knowledge is the comparative analysis among countries. International comparative research among diverse territorial realities, whether at the macrosocial or micro-social level, is fundamental to assess, deepen and improve our knowledge of social phenomena and draw conclusions with theoretical, methodological and empirical implications. The spatial specificity of social dynamics, immersed in a temporal, socio-historical and cultural context, forces us to reflect on this comparability. The need to establish generalizations to construct theoretical models of social behavior that transcend the singularity of a particular territorial reality forces us to offer well-founded theoretical-methodological research proposals. We propose in this session to receive contributions that address comparative research in the study of social inequalities, focusing on the construction and use of social indicators in comparative research among countries. Contributions can be of a theoretical nature, applied studies or methodological reflections (either in a quantitative, qualitative or mixed perspective), but which main object of study is the analysis of social inequalities, investigating the same phenomenon in different countries. The communications of this session may be presented orally in both Spanish or English. It is requested to accompany the oral exposition of a presentation in English.
Session Organizers:
Sandra FACHELLI, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and Pedro LOPEZ-ROLDAN, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Oral Presentations
Perceptions and Preferences about Meritocracy in International Comparison
Juan Carlos CASTILLO, Pontificia Universitad Catolica de Chile, Chile; Jorge ATRIA, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile; Luis MALDONADO, Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Chile, Chile
Distributed Papers
Reflexiones Sobre La Investigación Comparativa De La "Desigualdad Mirada Desde Arriba"
Emilia SCHAIGORODSKY, National Scientific and Research Council, Argentina- Universidad Nacional de Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina
What and How Do We Measure the Population Attitude about Surrogacy? Process of Operationalization of the Scale of "Attitudes Against Gestational Surrogacy".
María José RODRIGUEZ JAUME, University of Alicante, Spain; Diana JARENO RUIZ, University of Alicante, Spain; María José GONZÁLEZ-RÍO, University of Alicannte, Spain
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