The Localization and Globalization of Youth Cultures: New Styles, Fandoms and Consumption Patterns

Sunday, 10 July 2016: 10:45-12:15
Location: Hörsaal 32 (Main Building)
RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)

Language: English

The study of culture is a longstanding focus of the sociology of youth. 
Researchers studying young people’s creation and appropriation of culture and how this links to structural conditions must address novel questions as social changes impact on new generations emerging around the world. These changes include the blurring of the boundaries between youth and adulthood and new opportunities for cultural forms to interact and move around the world. 
Youth styles, consumption patterns and fandoms developed in one part of the world are more easily adopted and uniquely developed in other parts of world, facilitated in particular by digital technologies and growing opportunities to travel. Young people create local cultural worlds drawing on and interacting with global cultural flows, originating not only in the West but increasing in other parts of the world, particularly Asia. 
This session invites papers that address emerging youth cultural patterns in particular places and in a global context.
Session Organizers:
Mikito TERACHI, Ibaraki University, Japan and Dan WOODMAN, University of Melbourne, Australia
Izumi TSUJI, Chuo University, Japan
Two Generations, Two Social Systems
Eugenio GUZMAN, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile; Miguel Angel Angel FERNANDEZ, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
Changing from Local-National to Global: Cultural Consumption and Youth Festivals in Romania
Valer VERES, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj / HAS - CSS Minority Research Institute, Romania; Julia SZABO, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary
From South Korea to Turkey: Interactions of Youth Culture through South Korean TV Serials and Korean Music in Turkey
Esra DEMIRKOL, University of Sussex, United Kingdom; Figen UZAR OZDEMIR, Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi, Turkey
Doing – Undoing – Redoing? the Everyday Representation of Gender Patterns in Youth Scenes
Babette KIRCHNER, Institute of Sociology, Germany; Julia WUSTMANN, Technical University Dortmund, Germany
“Adulting Is Hard” or Digital Back-Tracking Online
Katrin TIIDENBERG, Tallinn University, Estonia; Airi-Alina ALLASTE, Tallinn University, Estonia
The History of DIY – from Punk to Everyday Culture
Anna DANIEL, Institute of Sociology, FernUniversitat Hagen, Germany
Brands and Consumption Cultures Among University Students
Geraldina ROBERTI, University of L'Aquila, Italy
Self-Expression Via Clothing Fashion on Social Media: Focus on Japanese Youth Culture
Eriko KIMURA, Japan Women's University Faculty Integrated Art and Social Sciences, Japan
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