Family and Elder Care

Friday, July 18, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:20 AM
Room: 301
RC11 Sociology of Aging (host committee)
RC06 Family Research

Language: English

Session Organizers:
Cynthia M. CREADY, University of North Texas, USA and Jacobus HOFFMAN, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, United Kingdom
Cynthia M. CREADY, University of North Texas, USA
Specialization in Caregiving Networks (Oral Presentation)
Emily AGREE, Johns Hopkins University, USA; Tomoko WAKUI, Tokyo Metropolitan Inst Gerontology, Japan

Cash for Care Schemes and Older Migrants: Perspectives from Needs Assessment Practice (Oral Presentation)
Sandra TORRES, Uppsala University, Sweden; Emilia FORSSELL, Ersta Sköndal University College, Sweden; Anna OLAISON, Linkoping University, Sweden

Family Support and Quality of Life: Structured Ambivalence As Bridging Concept Between the Individual and the State (Oral Presentation)
Franz NEUBERGER, University of Zurich, Switzerland; Klaus HABERKERN, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Work-Life Balance. Welfare State, Family and Caregiving in Japan and Sweden (Oral Presentation)
Ann-Britt SAND, Stockholm University, Sweden; Els-Marie ANBÄCKEN, Linköping University, Sweden

Informal Caregivers' Expectations and Experiences of Hospital Admission of a Relative with Dementia (Oral Presentation)
Jeanne KATZ, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom; Caroline HOLLAND, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom; Heather GAGE, University of Surrey, United Kingdom; Bart SHEEHAN, John Radcliffe Hospital, United Kingdom

Inequality and Emotion Management in Parental Caregiving By Chinese Daughters (Oral Presentation)
Patricia O'NEILL, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Current Attitudes of Supporting Older Parents in Asia: Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan (Distributed Paper)
Yoshiko SOMEYA, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan

Family, Elder Care and Caregivers in India (Distributed Paper)
Premchand DOMMARAJU, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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